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Data Collection

SurveyAuto has developed an advanced platform to collect reliable data from the field, especially in the developing countries. The platform combines recent advances in Artificial Intelligence (machine learning) with smartphone applications to collect high quality data. SurveyAuto uses machine learning on satellite imagery to accurately identify survey targets, tracks and monitors enumerators in real-time using smartphone applications, and uses speech and image analysis to automatically analyse the quality of collected data.

What is SurveyAuto?

Machine Learning To
Identify Survey Targets

Our machine learning platform utilizes Satellite Imagery and Hyperspectral imagery to identify houses, buildings, farm lands, water bodies and road structures. Combining this data with publicly available maps, we are able to zoom-in to exact survey targets without the need for an expensive on-ground micro-census or a pre-survey

Machine Learning To Identify
Survey Targets From

  • Satellite Imagery for built-up area
  • Poverty maps for targeted surveys
  • Call Data Records analysis
  • Hyper-spectral imagery analysis for agriculture, disasters, day/light imagery
  • Open street maps, google places etc

Real-Time Management &
Monitoring of Surveys

  • Track, monitor and communicate with enumerator in real- time
  • Assign regions, monitor progress
  • Give feedback, assign trainings
  • Make instant reimbursements, payments etc.

Automatically Rate
Survey Quality

  • Automatic speech processing of recorded surveys
  • Image processing to classNameify objects in pictures
  • Spatial analysis
  • Rules-based analysis of responses
  • Check-backs
  • Enumerator ratings


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It's really easy to setup a survey in just couple of minutes using SurveyAuto Platform and choose your preferred location anywhere in the world. Our Crowdsourcing model eliminates need for team of enumerators, we do that for you!
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